Fire-proof equipments and file cabinets


For personal and goods safety, it is necessary to equip all working areas with fire-protection equipments.

Safety ashtrays and waste bins are efficient to extinguish the fire by lack of oxygen within the container.

As for safety blankets, when draped over a fire, they starve the fire of oxygen, leading to rapid extinction. It can be used to wrap around a person whose clothes are on fire or to wrap around a burning object for removal to a safe place.


European Norm EN 1869-1997 :

This norm indicates that a fire blanket must be able to resist to a heat of 370°C done by a fresh fuel (such as edible soya bean oil or rapeseed oil). The electric resistance must be under 1 Ohm.


This regulation offers worlwide industrial and commercial product certification and testing services trough it’s business unit FM Approvals. Recognized and respected across the worldwide, FM Approvals certification insures customers that a product or service has been objectively tested and conforms to the hightest national and international stantards.

Safe for documents


The safe for documents allow to classify and store all your paper documents safe from robbery and from fire thanks to the thermal insulation that late the fire effects inside the cabinet.


Swedish test NT FIRE 017 :

Swedish test commonly used that specifies a classification system and a test procedures for determining the fire resistance of filling cabinets. The maximum température inside the cabinet shall not exceed the initial temperature by more tha 150°C. The numerical values 60,90 and 120 represent the period of time in mn for which the tested cabinet has fulfilled the requirements stated above.

European norm EN ISO 1182:

This regulation is a testing norm for non flammable building materials (Thermal insulation).

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