Fire resistant cabinets - EN 14470-1 - automatic inventory management

In most cases, an inventory management is time consuming, with one person often dedicated to this task either on daily basis or too regularly for it to be cost effective. Based on our experience and know-how of fire resistant storage cabinets that comply with the European standard EN 14470-1 and are resistant to 105 minutes, we propose to add an automated inventory management of the products stored in your cabinet.
We have also found that up to 30% of products exceed their expiry date before they are used. This is a net loss that we propose to avoid at maximum.

To cope with the complexity of managing your inventory, we offer you a new range of intelligent cabinets. This range is equipped with NFC technology. Near Field Communication is a wireless communication technology that allows the transfer of information between several devices, in particular between your connected dock and your inventory management software. Thanks to this technology, you can track your inventory levels in real-time, in a simple and visible way. Inventory management is fully automated.

Standards and regulations

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