Our responsible practices

Our responsible practices

Since 1971, Ecosafe has been committed to a responsible and now comprehensive 'R.S.E.' approach, incorporating environmental and social initiatives. The company uses eco-design to reduce the footprint of its products and favours local suppliers to limit transport. It implements responsible waste management through recycling and reuse. Trionyx is constantly innovating to improve user safety through product testing and team training. Committed to CSR, Trionyx will shortly be formalising its CSR charter, in order to strengthen its actions in terms of sustainability and responsibility. Finally, Trionyx actively encourages the recycling of equipment and activated carbon filters used by its customers, by forging partnerships with specialist recyclers.

French / European manufacturing

Trionyx is committed to French manufacturing of its products. By producing locally in its factories, TRIONYX supports the national economy and limits its carbon footprint. Manufacturing in France gives TRIONYX better control over working conditions and compliance with environmental standards. To reinforce its commitment to corporate citizenship, TRIONYX sources from French suppliers who share its values of ethical and sustainable production.

Product standardisation 

TRIONYX standardises its products in accordance with recognised French, European and international standards, proof of its commitment to society. By designing its equipment to high social and ecological standards, TRIONYX limits the risks to its employees, customers and the planet. The certifications obtained reassure stakeholders of the socially responsible quality of TRIONYX products. Standardisation often involves frugal innovations for greater sustainability, i.e. simple, resource-efficient, sustainable and inclusive innovations that optimise the use of materials, energy and technologies with restraint, in order to design products that are more respectful of the environment and accessible to as many people as possible.

French or European materials

TRIONYX favours materials produced in France, thereby reducing its logistical carbon footprint and supporting the national economy. TRIONYX ensures that its raw materials are ethically extracted and processed by its French suppliers. The traceability of materials from origin is a priority for TRIONYX, proof of its commitment to society. TRIONYX requires its suppliers to comply with EU regulations and favours short supply chains. This European sourcing enables TRIONYX to build relationships of trust with its partners.

No REACH substances

TRIONYX bans all REACH substances from its products, thereby controlling chemical risks. TRIONYX audits its suppliers, requires 100% REACH-compliant materials and informs its teams about these regulations. TRIONYX's objective is to use natural, renewable materials from the circular economy as much as possible. For TRIONYX, REACH compliance is a matter of social responsibility.

Material from recycled products

TRIONYX incorporates recycled materials into its products, thereby limiting the use of virgin resources. By involving its teams in eco-design, TRIONYX optimises the integration of these recycled materials. TRIONYX also informs its customers of the environmental benefits of this virtuous approach. The circular economy, of which recycling is the cornerstone, has been part of TRIONYX's DNA since 1971.

PEFC forest-friendly wood

TRIONYX uses almost exclusively PEFC-labelled wood, which is certified as sustainable and ethical. TRIONYX requires its suppliers to use PEFC-labelled wood (or an equivalent label) and informs its customers of the guarantees provided by this credible label. TRIONYX is aiming for PEFC certification for its entire wood supply chain, proof of its commitment to responsible practices.

Local stocks

TRIONYX has a local stock, reducing the carbon footprint of its logistics and streamlining its supplies. TRIONYX monitors the social and environmental conditions of its storage sites, which are audited regularly. Dynamic stock management, linked to customer demand, is a key area of innovation at TRIONYX for ever greater logistical efficiency.

Optimised transport and routes

TRIONYX is constantly optimising the transport of its goods by rationalising its logistics and using route algorithms with its partners. TRIONYX aims to achieve the maximum reduction in kilometres travelled, CO2 emissions and costs. For TRIONYX, optimised logistics are both economically and ecologically beneficial for everyone.

Reduced energy impact

TRIONYX has set itself the goal of radically reducing its energy impact, in line with the Paris Agreement. Audits, efficiency, carbon offsetting and the adoption of green energies are TRIONYX's priorities for decarbonising its activities and moving towards zero net emissions. An ecological imperative in line with TRIONYX's values.

Recycling and purifying ambient air

With labopur®, TRIONYX offers air recycling and purification systems for its industrial sites. In addition to the ecological benefits in terms of carbon footprint, these installations improve air quality to protect the health of users' employees. A powerful social and environmental commitment, representative of TRIONYX's philosophy.

Ergonomic furniture for the well-being of employees
TRIONYX provides everyone with ergonomic furniture to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. By designing them and finding the best ergonomics/cost ratio, TRIONYX invests in the well-being and therefore the performance of its customers' teams. The comfort of TRIONYX employees is also a major area of social responsibility for the company.

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